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I haven't written a peterick in a while so I decided to start one. I'm not finished yet but so far it's a Patrick/Gerard high school party fic which goes off into Patrick/Pete. It's gonna be based off of Panic! At The Disco's "Lying is the most fun..." because, well, you can easily write a fic off of that song. I've only written a few paragraphs and hopefully I'll finish this soon. :)

"How are you holding up?" 

Patrick picked his head up off of Gerards shoulder as soon as Gerard's words reached him. Patrick gave him a small reassuring smile before yelling. "I'm fine. Great!" 

The music was loud, the bass from the speakers vibrating against the wooden floorboards and underneath Patrick's skin. The living room was crowded with kids from school, personal space only a rare luxery now. The smell of weed and beer coated the room and Patrick felt suffocated. He felt horrible and out of place. House parties weren't his scene and Gerard knew that. Maybe that was the reason why Gerard eyed him after he answered. 

"Are you sure?" Gerard questioned. "I can drive you home if you don't feel
comfortable here." 

Patrick sighed. He didn't want to do that. He didn't want to be the reason for pulling Gerard away from his friends just because he didn't know to be social. The corners of Patrick's lips twitched upward, a tiny grin that only Gerard could see, before he leaned over and kissed his lips. 

"I'm fine. I'm comfortable here with you on this couch." 

Patrick could see the worry in Gerard's eyes fade away. He could feel Gee's arm snake around his waist and tug him in closer to his side. He rested his head on Gerard's shoulder again and tried to not to concentrate on how Gee rubs his thumb in circles against his bare skin instead of in swipes like Pete used to do it. Patrick tried not to compare how Gerard's touch just felt a bit colder than Pete's. 

Patrick physically shook the thoughts from his head and was grateful that Gerard pulled him in even closer. Gerard was still animatedly speaking about Brit music with Ray but the squeeze on Patrick's hip told Patick that he's here for him.

Gerard and Patrick have been going out for the past two weeks and Patrick thinks this is the start of an awesome relationship; other than the comparing Gerard to Pete every chance he gets.

Pete and Patrick had gone out for two years before breaking up two months prior. There was this connection between the two before Patrick just suddenly didn't feel it anymore. He sat Pete down about a month after the connection died down and just told him he couldn't do it anymore.        

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