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I'm going to try my very best to explain this concert in detail, from when I got out of school to when I got out of the venue. One of the best nights and concerts I've ever experienced. And I shall tell you why in a few paragraphs in rushed fan girl language. Bear with me. :) (Videos aren’t mine but if you look for me, you can find me! Photos will link back to my facebook.)

Coming out of the L train and figuring out the avenues to locate Webster Hall, I walked through the rain as fast as I could. I didn't know what time it was and I didn't want to leave Delaney and Amanda in the line any longer than they already had. They got to Webster at 8 in the morning because that's their tradition with concerts. Wake up at ass o' clock of the morning to get a good spot in line while I'm in school getting an education. (Trust me, I would so wait on line for 12 hours with them but the parents would kill me.) When I got up to Webster, I saw a small group of people, a little less then ten, sitting at the steps just talking. No line. Just a handful of people. I saw Delaney and Amanda in the far corner and ran up to them. 

They told me that they were the first ones who got here and that two people who got there two minutes after them were pretty much awesome. (Megan and Tom. And yes, they are pretty awesome.) I sat down on the stairs with them, talking with my best friends and over hearing the kids (mostly female) about FOB, MCR, and their own concert stories. Three more people came up to the steps but seeing as they just came back from eating pizza and was originally here before me, I spared them some glares. Once Amanda introduced me to Tom and his wild, crazy, dancing self, I knew I was going to have a fun time waiting. Kat was also there, someone I remembered from the May Panic! At The Disco concert, and making everything hilarious.

Everyone bonded over Soul Punk sing alongs, Long Island accents, random dancing, Kevin Hart stand up and choreography! The choreography Kat, Megan or Tom made up was just awesome. It's pretty much the Cat Daddy to Patrick's 'This City', very simple but awesome none the less. Everyone promised to do it during Patrick's set since we were pretty much set for the front row. During the first run of the dance outside, Patrick's band arrived and said hi before going into the venue. Second time we ran it, which was about twenty minutes, half an hour later, Patrick was dropped off a few feet away from us and he waved. :D I was staring at him, too in shock while Delaney screamed. Amanda didn't see him because she was sitting on the steps while Laney and I were dancing. :) 

More people started to show up, Fans of The Kooks (Who were playing at the same time Patrick was in a different part of Webster.) were starting to line up and more Patrick fans were arriving. They told us to line up about 5:30 when doors open at 7. Delaney and Amanda were first and since I was with them, I was was standing before them, making me literally the first person in line. It was still raining, soaking everyone but the front of the line just sang songs. (Panic!, Queen, Fall Out Boy, Hillary Duff, Old Skool Fall Out Boy and even Disney. Trust me. You want to be friends with these people.)

We all waited. Patiently, impatiently and sometimes both at the same time and even after all that waiting, time moved incredibly slow. Delaney's mom (The one who made this thing possible for us.) finally arrived at 6:30 and a bit after that some guy came out of the venue and gave me a Patrick guitar pick (which I am currently wearing around my neck. :D) We waited for another half an hour before we finally got into the venue.

Once I got in, I was so shocked to see that the venue was so fucking small and that there was no barricade between the audience and the stage. There were three girls already inside and standing at the stage (They came from the Fuse studios where Patrick was giving an interview. Lucky them.) and I wasted no time in walking towards the stage, thighs against the wood, right at the center. :3 Delaney and Amanda couldn't believe we were so close either. As the venue filled, I was freaking out. This couldn't be real. I can't be this close. No. It wasn't happening. No. I got little random burst of anxious energy of wanting to see Patrick but it was kept under control. I draped my self over the speaker in front of me while I waited for the opening band. (Yeah. I was that close.) It was an hour of waiting until the Upperclass Men came on.  Long story short, The Upperclass Men were cool. They got the crowd going and the atmosphere was so responsive. My ear drums burst but I'll blame it on the speakers.

Here's the good stuff. The crew was setting up for Patrick's set, placing set lists and mic stands and shit. The guy placed Michael Day's stuff first, telling the left side of the audience not to pull off the set list before he does and all that jazz. He came back with another mic stand and Patrick's guitar and placed it about two inches to the right of my face and that's when I started hyperventilating. That's where Patrick's going to be standing. I'm going to make eye contact with his white stump-o-matic. He's going to glance into the crowd and see me first. Oh dear lord, help me. He told us the same thing; no tearing up the set list from Patrick's guitar pedal box thing (That shit was taped down good. I don't think i could have taken it if I tried.) which was right near my stomach, and no taking any of Patrick's guitar picks from the mic stand. To ensure that we won't take any of the picks, he gave some spares to a handful of people, including me. I gave the second one to Delaney's mom. So, the sound guy tested all of the equipment, all good so far and then it was time for the show.

The band trickled in, the audience cheering, screaming, and clapping when they all started playing. After a few glorious seconds of marveling at Michael and Matt, since they were closet, Patrick Motherfuckin' Stump stepped on stage. Blue suit and all, he strutted his way to the mic and started dancing to the music before belting out the words "LET'S DANCE." I followed his orders, naturally, and I just couldn't believe that Patrick was dancing and jumping about 2 feet away from me. It kind of hit me when he started 'Spotlight' without taking a breather after Bowie's hit. Everyone sang the words to Spotlight without missing a beat, dancing and jumping before it transitioned into ‘Porcelain’. Patrick just danced all over the place. He stomped his feet, banged on the drum that was set up behind him and just had fun which in turn caused the audience to have fun.
I was out of breath by the time he finished ‘Porcelain’ since it was three songs in five minutes but that was probably due to the excitement and jumping. I just wondered if Patrick himself was out of breath. I just wanted him to stop, breathe, and speak to the crowd since he sang three songs without really addressing us. I didn’t pay any mind to it once I saw the small silver trumpet for ‘Everybody Wants Somebody’. Michael motioned for the audience to clap while Patrick played and I clapped like never before. J The audience, I do have to say, was amazing. My favorite crowd from any concert I’ve been to, hands down. Everyone danced and sang along like one big family.  We danced along with Patrick as he sang “Cute Girls”, “Allie”, and “Run Dry” before running into some technical difficulties. As the band and crew tried to figure out what was happening, Patrick decided to treat us to an acoustic version of Steve Goodman’s “The City of New Orleans”, a song his father used to sing to him, replacing “Dance Miserable.”
After that lovely surprise, Patrick told us that it was ‘Story time’.  The band played the first few notes of “The ‘I’ in Lie” and the first thing I did was dance. I sang with him, catching all of his dance moves and he walked up and down the stage with confidence. It seemed like when he sang “If you’re unfaithful, put you’re hands in the air”, every single person in the audience obeyed. The ‘Bad Side of 25’ was next and the jumpy beat gave me floating feeling before he walked off stage and his band followed one by one. I wasn’t worried, since I sneaked a peek at the set list but my heart longed for more Patrick none the less. It was about a 3 to 5 minute wait until we saw a black shirted figure behind the drum set. Patrick was just about to drum his little heart out. At that moment, I got a bit emotional. Most fans know that Patrick tried out for the drums instead of vocals and seeing him get to play drums with my very own eyes was magical. I got to see him do something that he couldn’t do in Fall Out Boy. (Y’know, other than watching him sing his own songs.)
Patrick drummed for a moment, banging with his might, before his band came back out one by one. Once they were on stage, they were ready to dive into Phil Collins’ ‘Into the Air Tonight’. Patrick, drenched with sweat, appeared in front of his mic again. He talked a bit; ready to end the night unfortunately.  He talked about Matt’s ‘mega bass’ and his record label before going into ‘Explode’. Again, like most of the show, everyone sang along with enthusiasm and I, for one, did not mind his dancing moves in front of me.  (3:37)
Last and never least, Patrick closes his set with 'This City'. He tells us that NYC sets the standard for cities out there so we have to make some noise. Trust me Patrick, We have no problem in making noise for 'This City'. So, as the song kicks in I see that my friends and the people I met on line start doing the choreography for the song. During the chorus, we raised our hands up and as Patrick was walking towards my side of the stage, he saw my hand, grabbed it and held on to it. (which you can see in the video at 5:31.) My heart had suddenly stopped working although my lips kept moving. Patrick Stump had grabbed my hand and I felt his sweaty leather glove against my palm. Other than mouth the words to This City, I couldn’t really make any other noise so both Laney and Amanda took it upon them to scream for me. My ears hated them for it at the moment but at least someone had captured my excitement. He held it for about five seconds before moving on and I just couldn’t believe my luck. Patrick Stump, A man who I admired since the end of 7th grade, had acknowledged my existence.
He continued to sing and as he continued to surprise people, he sat at the edge of the stage, one person away from me, before people started to bum rush Patrick and tried to touch him. I was still reveling on the fact that he had touched me to really do anything while people mobbed the small space to get their piece of Patrick. Somehow I gained some thought to lift my arm and ruffle his blond hair and pat his sweat soaked arm. I then left him alone to the mob of Patrick fans. I could hear Laney’s mom, who was right in front of Patrick, saying “I don’t know what to do.”
The mob of fans let up a bit but a few of the girls near the stage had to roll Patrick to safety. He got to his feet, bowed and stepped off the stage on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Matt and Michael continued to play before the band walked off the stage. Still on a concert high, my friends and I turned to each to gush about Patrick grabbing my hand. Laney’s mom jokingly asked if I was okay and took pride in the fact that she rubbed Patrick’s hair. We stayed in the venue for a while, not wanting to go out to the rain and waiting for the crowd to clear. The sound guy came and took everything apart, Patrick’s pedals, the mic stands, set lists and drums. He gave away waters, set lists and drum sticks. I had already taken a picture of the set list and not sure what I would do with a drum stick but I cheered when Laney’s mom had caught a drumstick while Laney and Amanda were fighting for one they both caught.
We stayed in for a while and then made out way out. I wanted to wait for Patrick and we did for a while but it started to get late and we were sore and had to go to school the next day so we had to leave after a few minutes. Even though I didn’t get to take a picture with Patrick, I did have an amazing time. Laney’s mom had given me her drumstick to keep so now I have a guitar pick, a drum stick, a hand that was held by Patrick himself, fingers that ruffled his soft hair and sweaty arms and a front row spot to see him singing his own words with a confidence you didn’t see him with in Fall Out Boy.
All in all, November 16th was an amazing day that I will remember. 


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