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This question is awesome.

If someone who had the ablilty to know how and when I die asks me this question, Iwould say yes with out thinking. Now that I think about it, I realize it's a hard fucking question.

If I said yes, I probably be worring about the date and every year I'm close to it, I'll probably freak out even more. I personally don't want my death to be grusome. Now that I think about it, I would rather be left alone, not knowing. Too much stress on my poor little psyche.
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Some way or another, feelings will start to grow. One person will like the feeling of having someone to call for a casual hook up and possibly gain romantic feelings that they haven't felt with their other partners. Others might get jelous that they aren't their friends with benefits isn't going to hang around them once they get into a relationship and therefore get hung up on the FWB. OR The person who always calls for the sex and keeps getting it might get an inflated ego and become an asshole and become abusive.

I don't know what runs through my mind.
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Holy shit, I love this question.

Any song by Fall Out Boy or My Chemical Romance will never be tiring. I once left "From Now On We Are Enemies" by Fall Out Boy on repeat when I went out for a walk with my mother and sister. It was about 10 or 20 blocks away from my house but that song was just playing over and over and every time it began, my heart fluttered with joy.

I do that with "The Only Hope For Me Is You" by My Chemical Romance. THAT SONG IS JUST SO AMAZING. *SWOON*

More recently  "Cannibal" and "The Harold Song" by Ke$ha has been on repeat for the past week. :)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I been to, let's say, 3 or concerts and they all been pretty memorable to me. The first one that I count is My Chemical Romance. Their Last show before their long break. It was memorable because they are my second favorite band and I got to see them with my best friends.
My second concert was my favorite band, Fall Out Boy. It wasn't really a concert. They were performing at the Today Show and my wonderful sister, knowing how much I love Fall Out Boy, had gotten 'VIP' passes so that wer near the front, so that experience was just pure amazing. They played only three songs [Dance Dance, Thnks fr th mmrs & What A Catch, Donnie] over and over again but it was live. I can't complain.
My third 'concert' was seeing Gym Class Heroes. That was techniacllly the concert I went to alone [I don't count my brother] but it was cool. They were part of the Robot Chicken tour so I got to roller skate before they went on. I wish I could have taken my friend who is in love with the band but she unfortuanly couldn't have made it. ='[
Before all of these I saw Kat Deluna but I wouldn't really count that. =] Love her 3 singles though. DOMINICAN PRIDE! lol
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I believe so, with some restrictions. Some people might cheat for the thrill of it but I find no point. If you are unhappy with the person you married you shouldn't have married them in the first place, go to therapy, or get a divorce. I believe in marriage and love and I know I will try hard not to wonder to any man. lol But yes, more people would cheat if they wouldn't get caught. They cheat for pleasure or variety.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I am the youngest out of my family. I believe that being the youngest has made me more understanding toward people. There's a lot of arguements in my family so I always muttering from the people who took place in them and always got their side of the story. Ethier that or I got it from my father. I also like to belive that i'm the favorite out of my 2 brothers and 3 other sisters. ^_^
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[Error: unknown template qotd]The best thing I have seen this month has got to be Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. I've been waiting for this movie since November of last year and it was worth the effing wait! ^_^ It was amazing. I can't wait for part one of Harry Potter and the deathly hallows.


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