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So I signed up for mcr_bingo, ( This might be the first fic thing I've signed up for.) and just from the look of it and the rules, it sounds like an awesome thing for me. :)

So the way the challenge goes is you get a 'bingo' card that's filled with 25 prompts. The prompts are listed in a separate blog so you can exclude the prompts you don't want from your own personal bingo card. You request one here and you leave your email.

All of that sounds standard right? IT IS and I have no idea why I was so ecstatic when I saw 'mcr_bingo card' waiting in my inbox. :D  I think it's because I'm actually participating in a LJ community like this and I have until JULY! :D The prompts, the time limit, the MCR-ness! :D Yay! Be sure to check it out because I really like it. LOL I think my opinion matters.

My mcr_bingo Card )
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Prompt Table
001. Monkey002. Money003. Stalker004. Chicken wing005. Chocolate
006. Snakes007. Protection008. White009. Stripes010. Math
011. English012. Social Studies013. Guitar014. Beach 015. Pool 
016. Forest017. Gamble018. Gas019. Mall020. Jail
021. Locket022. Wedding023. Cake024. Travel025. Birthday
026. Flying027. Gum028. Computer029. Pen030. Office
031. Model032. Rain033. Blood034. Ring035. Alcohol
036. Coffee037. Army038. Tattoos039. Piercing040. Road Trip
041. Hips042. Lips043. Subway044. Glasses045. Sleep
046. Time047. Poison048. Writer049. Clothes050. Dreams
 051. Notebook052. Halloween053. Christmas 054. Suicide055. Pain
056. Art057. Moving058. E-mail059. Radio060.  Video
061. Snow062. Fan Fiction063. Clipboard064. Poster065. Tolerance
066.Dance067. Murder068. Speed Date069. Fajitas070. Symmetry
071. Rape072. Warmth073. Rooftops074. Leap of faith075. Torment


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