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I love making stuff on photofiltre. I always think it looks like a legit graphic/banner before I go on the internet and see, y'know, legit graphics. :) This post is basically a follow up to THIS POST. and I'm basically filling up your flist.

Second rate banners under here. )
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 like it. Do you? 
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People need to get back on and feed my need for wonderful bandom fanfics bring beautiful life to my flist. I, too, am guilty of not updating my journal so I'm going to change that today! 

Did you know that two days ago, I heard Heaven Help Us by My Chemical Romance in its entirety? I kind of kicked myself after I finished it because it's a beautiful song. like REALLY pretty. Gerard's voice sounds angelic to me which isn't how I would categorize his voice any other time. ANYWAYS... once I find a song I like, I play it over and over again until some other song comes along. So this post only serves for lyrics that I love in this song. (You're probably just shaking your head because you know the lyrics like you know the back of your hand but humor me. :)
  • I'm at this old hotel but I can't tell if I've been screaming or sleeping or screaming or waiting for the man to call
  • I've been sprawled on these cathedral steps while spitting out the blood and screaming "Someone save us!"
  • And will you pray for me? 
  • Cover me in gasoline.
  • Wipe away those tears of blood away.
  • How the misery begins.
Those aren't a lot but these stood out to me and when lyrics stand out to me, it usually means that some way, some how, I'm going to use them in a story. Naturally, the story the lyrics paint out in my head is a 1920's Mobster!Frikey fic. Or something along the lines of hired killers. I mean, think about it. I would write out the plot but it's nearing 2am, I'm watching Archer on Netflix, and my mind is wandering. Expect the plot in a few hours. :D 
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Title:  Untitled 
Pairing: Gerard Way / OFC
Rating: PG-13
Warning: For some reason, not beta'd. I'm really sorry. Supernatural Activities. 
Word count: 3,634
Prompt: I asked people on ficwad if they wanted their own stories and this is the first prompt I finished! 
Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance and if I did I wouldn't be writing Fanfiction about them. 
Summary: [Emily] and Gerard have been friends for about 2 months and she really liked him. Mikey goes to a apparant haunted house and didn't come home. She and Gerard go to find him in the house and they get attacked by spirits and ghosts and Gerard confesses his love for her. It's up to you if they get out :)

"Mikey goes to a apparant haunted house and didn't come home" )

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Have I ever told you guys how I really love Three Cheers and kind of hated the fact The Black Parade Is Dead! was a short [The Black Parade setlist] concert? No? Well, all of that is true which is why I'm posting the VENGANZA concert up here for my viewing pleasure. And yours. 

VENGANZA track list )

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Well, I'm just adding a few more. 

Crappy Frikey Fluff under the cut )

This is what I do at 3-4 in the morning. 
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So just a quick update before I gush about Pete Wentz..... I'm failing a few of my classes, Might see Patrick Stump on Nov. 16, dropping out of the NaNoWriMo and Life is stupid. Now in this blog I'll shall give you another reason why I love Pete's writing. ♥

i’m up to the hips with dreams. )
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Title: Like A Secret In Your Throat
Author[ profile] ruthiestump
Pairing: Frank/Mikey
Warning: Boy Sex and for some reason, not beta'd. I'm really sorry.
Word count: 1,510
[ profile] mcr_bingoprompt: AU: Vampire
Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance & to my knowledge, Frank Iero was never a vampire. (Title from My Chemical Romance's Vampires Will Never Hurt You.)
Summary: Frank is hungry and he can't keep his eyes off of the tall, skinny, cute guy. He's found his target.

He just wanted to taste him. )

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Due to these pictures:
Way bros are just working it. )

I now want to see a fic where Gerard and Mikey are professional models. I just want it to exist. Someone... please. Make me happy.


Sep. 26th, 2011 06:11 pm
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I'm WAY too attached to fanfiction. School is getting in the way of reading and writing and I don't like it. I use up any opportunity to write during classes but I can't write about Mikey being a cheerleader AND take notes on what limits a fucking government, which by the fucking way is basically 4th grade stuff. I'm just glad that there is no class on Thursday or Friday and I could possibly use that time to finish all of the freaking [ profile] mcr_bingo drafts in my email/iPod.

I haven't posted any fics in a while so I thought I would post up the first paragraph of one of the [ profile] mcr_bingo prompts. This one is for AU: Vampire and I was pretty proud of it... until my creativity flew away. -___- Oh imagination, why must you hurt me so?

Bampire! Bampire!  )

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I wish you the best. I really do. You bring smiles to my face and you can lift my mood and I hope today people are doing the same for you. You deserve it.

I look up to you. It doesn't matter that you're my 'favorite' member or that I find you very attractive. (I do. Trust me. I REALLY DO.) It's your personality that I look up to. Your struggles, your ambition, your choices in life. You fought through your depression and even if it doesn't matter, I'm proud of you. You make everyone in your band feel loved. To me you're the go-to guy! The one every one goes to. The kind of person I aspire to be. ♥

Never change that. Never change your personality. Play with all the hair dye you want! Just never change the good person I know you are. I know I kind of wasted my time on writing a post to someone who will NEVER see it but damn it. This 31 year old celebrity man means so much to me. ♥

I don't think you guys understand how much I want a guy like Mikey in my life.
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Title: Decaying Nightmare
Author: RuthieStump
Pairing: None
Warning: Character death
Word count: 2,318
mcr_bingo prompt: AU: Zombie
Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance & to my knowledge there was never a Zombie outbreak.
Summary: Ray is familiar with zombie movies but he never thought his life would be like one.

"It all seemed like a nightmare they just couldn't wake up from." )
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Title: Monsters Can't Touch My Brother 
Author: ruthiestump
Pairing: None
Rating: G
WarningNo beta.
Word Count: 647
mcr_bingo prompt: Wild Card 
: I do not own My Chemical Romance nor the Way brothers.
Summary: Big Brother Gerard has to get rid of Mikey's monsters.

"Be gone you monsters! Mikey isn't tasty!" )
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I'm just gonna go right to the point of this blog. I have a short story idea that I want to write. I might drop this rewrite of an earlier story for a few days but... I just want to get this idea out of my mind.

Random fic idea )

I feel like I could do a good job of it... Here's to that.


Jun. 21st, 2011 02:00 am
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While stalking my Mikey Way tag on tumblr, I stumbled across a post that contained song facts for each song on The Black Parade. For Famous Last Words this was there.

  • Gerard wrote the song for Mikey when he left the band during the making of The Black Parade. The line “I see you lying next to me” refers to Mikey sleeping on the floor in Gerard’s room in the Paramour Mansion (because he was too scared to sleep in a room alone)
  • Mikey said when he heard it, he knew he couldn’t leave the band

So not having heard the recording of Famous Last Words in a very long time, (because I only have The Black Parade is Dead on my ipod. It sucks because I don't even like live concert recordings. :| ) I looked for a lyric video and watched it.

Now that I have the right lyrics in my head, I have never wanted to cry so hard at a My Chem song/ the relationship between Gerard and Mikey. That is so fucking sweet. Damn you Gerard. I wish I could be that close with my siblings.

I now want bb!Gerard and bb!Mikey fics. Sweet brotherly love fanfics that make your heart want to puke rainbows. Or specifically a fic where big brother Gerard has to come into Mikey's room and scare off the monsters under his bed and maybe, MAYBE has to spend the night. Something like that. :D 

I might write it if i have time or don't forget.  
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Why are you so FUCKING perfect?
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Title: Someone Out There Loves You
Author: [ profile] ruthiestump a.k.a me. :)
Pairing: Frerard (Frank/Gerard)
Rating: PG-13/R for language.
Warning: Attempted Suicide. No beta.
Word Count: 1,818
mcr_bingo prompt: Other: Suicidal
: This is fiction which means FAKE. I do not own My Chemical Romance and Mikey Way is not really this mean.
Summary: Gerard isn't the most stable person so when Mikey tells him what's on his mind, Gerard is ready to take his life.

What else could he do? )


Jan. 27th, 2011 11:13 am
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Title: Untitled
Author: [ profile] ruthiestump a.k.a me. :)
Pairing: OFC/Mikey
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Graphic (to the best of my ability) sex. Unprotected sex and No beta.
Disclaimer: This is FAKE. Mikey Way belongs to himself and his wife. If this was real, I would be at a Starbucks every damn day so this could happen to me. Also Mikey is the master of poker face. He doesn't smile as much as I wrote here. Also i know NOTHING about Starbucks.
Summary: Working the night shift at a starbucks does pay off.

“Why would anyone work a night shift at Starbucks?”  )

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or fan fiction. I don’t know. After I read a good story, my heart gets so fluttery that I want to start writing.

The ideas just flow through my head and the only reason why I get the ideas down on paper so woven together (sometimes. I usually ramble in my stories thinking people already know what I’m talking about.) is so I can know exactly remember how I envisioned when I wrote it down. Writing just makes me smile. :)

just like this cute mofo right here. )

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I'm posting on livejournal way more often then before. SUCCESS.

I'm just wasting valuable space on my journal by informing people that don't really give a flying fuck about my favorite slash pairings, but wasting valuable time and space is my specialty so.... TADA!

I made these 'buttons' about a year ago because I was bored and I was planning to decorate my story binder with them but then I realized that I am poor and that printing these out will waste the very expensive ink. :( Any way, the pairings go from my favorites to my least favorite. Explanations are also going to be under the cut because, well, I like making them. ^_^

Peterick (Pete Wentz + Patrick Stump) )

Frikey (Frank Iero + Mikey Way) )

Frerard (Frank Iero + Gerard Way) )

Brencer (Brendon Urie + Spencer Smith) )

And here are other pairings that float my boat.

  • Lady Gaga/Brendon Urie
  • Patrick Stump/Rhianna
  • Patrick/ Vicky T
  • Gabe Saporta/Patrick Stump
  • Gabe Saporta / Andy Hurley (Actually wrote this for a friend.)
  • Mikey Way/Patrick Stump
  • Chuckie Finster/ Patrick Stump (Yep, Chuckie from the Rugrats or in this case All Grown Up)
  • Billie Joe Armstrong/Patrick Stump <---I actually liked that one! 
  • Brendon Urie/Frank Iero (Never actually read one but people ship it all the time)
Anything that's kind of random or something that you can't see happening but when you see the two names together, it kind of works. I'm fucking weird like that.


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