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Posting a snippet of this fic that I really wanted to do something with but when I started writing the idea went to hell. It was for the [ profile] mcr_bingo prompt 'Artist: Patrick Stump' and I wanted to do a Gerard/Patrick where Gee is listening to Patrick's new album and is reliving their summer together, (Summer of Like) and may or may not jerk off to Patrick's amazing voice. That's what I wanted to do but I didn't see myself following that path. Posting it here because my LJ seems empty. 

By the by, the journal title is in spanish. YAY for hispanic heritage! )

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Title:  It's Death Or Victory
Pairing: None. Fun Ghoul's POV
Rating: PG-13 for language
Warning: For some reason, not beta'd. I'm really sorry. 
Word count: 1,663
mcr_bingo prompt: Video: Na Na Na
Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance & The whole Killjoys idea was theirs. I got the whole shooting from the car idea from here at 0:53 through 1:04 and 1:33 through 1:40. I really love those scenes. :) 
Summary: A killjoy chase.

Dusted On Route Guano )
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Title:  Untitled For Now.
Pairing: Ray/Gerard
Rating: PG-13/R for cursing.
Warning: For some reason, not beta'd. I'm really sorry.
Word count: 854
[info]mcr_bingo prompt: Pairing: Gerard/Ray
Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance & to my knowledge, Ray Toro & Gerard Way never dated. (but then again, you can ask them...)
Summary: Ray looks out his friends and does what's best.

Ray/Gerard fluff under here. )

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Title: Like A Secret In Your Throat
Author[ profile] ruthiestump
Pairing: Frank/Mikey
Warning: Boy Sex and for some reason, not beta'd. I'm really sorry.
Word count: 1,510
[ profile] mcr_bingoprompt: AU: Vampire
Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance & to my knowledge, Frank Iero was never a vampire. (Title from My Chemical Romance's Vampires Will Never Hurt You.)
Summary: Frank is hungry and he can't keep his eyes off of the tall, skinny, cute guy. He's found his target.

He just wanted to taste him. )


Sep. 26th, 2011 06:11 pm
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I'm WAY too attached to fanfiction. School is getting in the way of reading and writing and I don't like it. I use up any opportunity to write during classes but I can't write about Mikey being a cheerleader AND take notes on what limits a fucking government, which by the fucking way is basically 4th grade stuff. I'm just glad that there is no class on Thursday or Friday and I could possibly use that time to finish all of the freaking [ profile] mcr_bingo drafts in my email/iPod.

I haven't posted any fics in a while so I thought I would post up the first paragraph of one of the [ profile] mcr_bingo prompts. This one is for AU: Vampire and I was pretty proud of it... until my creativity flew away. -___- Oh imagination, why must you hurt me so?

Bampire! Bampire!  )

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Title: Decaying Nightmare
Author: RuthieStump
Pairing: None
Warning: Character death
Word count: 2,318
mcr_bingo prompt: AU: Zombie
Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance & to my knowledge there was never a Zombie outbreak.
Summary: Ray is familiar with zombie movies but he never thought his life would be like one.

"It all seemed like a nightmare they just couldn't wake up from." )
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Title: Monsters Can't Touch My Brother 
Author: ruthiestump
Pairing: None
Rating: G
WarningNo beta.
Word Count: 647
mcr_bingo prompt: Wild Card 
: I do not own My Chemical Romance nor the Way brothers.
Summary: Big Brother Gerard has to get rid of Mikey's monsters.

"Be gone you monsters! Mikey isn't tasty!" )
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Let's see if I can actually finish more than one prompt. I have like a bunch of loose leaf with half written prompts from the last round. 

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Aren't I something special? I stayed up all night because my mother pretty much threatened me to not go to sleep. Dominican mothers. What are you going to do? I've been sleepy all day but I never really fully slept except for the 20 minutes in Laney's house while watching 'Fight Club.'

I've also noticed that Amanda started to write her own little fanfics, which is rare because she really isn't the writing type, and now I feel like I should pick up a pen and finish one of the many unfinished one shots I have around my folder.  I HAVE SO MANY ONE SHOTS THAT NEED TO BE FINISHED BUT MY BODY IS BEGGING FOR SLEEP. UGH.

Maybe tomorrow I'll start working on them. Prompts/One Shots I started: 
  • Frank/Ray pairing for mcr_bingo (Childhood friends)
  • Somebody Out There Loves You Part two because I really liked how I went with that
  • Video: Helena for mcr_bingo
  • Other: Movie Night for mcr_bingo
  • Cliche: Love Triangle for mcr_bingo which Laney still has....
  • Amanda needs a birthday one shot for next month.
  • & Jose wants a story in exchange for the smut story he's writing me.
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Title: Someone Out There Loves You
Author: [ profile] ruthiestump a.k.a me. :)
Pairing: Frerard (Frank/Gerard)
Rating: PG-13/R for language.
Warning: Attempted Suicide. No beta.
Word Count: 1,818
mcr_bingo prompt: Other: Suicidal
: This is fiction which means FAKE. I do not own My Chemical Romance and Mikey Way is not really this mean.
Summary: Gerard isn't the most stable person so when Mikey tells him what's on his mind, Gerard is ready to take his life.

What else could he do? )

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So I signed up for mcr_bingo, ( This might be the first fic thing I've signed up for.) and just from the look of it and the rules, it sounds like an awesome thing for me. :)

So the way the challenge goes is you get a 'bingo' card that's filled with 25 prompts. The prompts are listed in a separate blog so you can exclude the prompts you don't want from your own personal bingo card. You request one here and you leave your email.

All of that sounds standard right? IT IS and I have no idea why I was so ecstatic when I saw 'mcr_bingo card' waiting in my inbox. :D  I think it's because I'm actually participating in a LJ community like this and I have until JULY! :D The prompts, the time limit, the MCR-ness! :D Yay! Be sure to check it out because I really like it. LOL I think my opinion matters.

My mcr_bingo Card )


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