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2020-08-29 02:52 pm

Master Fic List

I finally got this thing neat and clean. Here are all of the one shots on my livejournal for your reading and judgment. It goes from oldest to most recent.  You also have my prompt table at the end, so don't hesitate to pick something from the prompt table and tell me to write.

One Shots )

Prompt Table )
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2012-09-14 10:26 pm

How do you guys do it?

How do you guys write 20,000+ words and make them into amazing stories?

 I don't get it. I don't think I've ever even gotten close to that many words. 

Teach me your ways. 

I was gonna write more. This was going to be an articulate post about how I'm writing my friend a story and only just reached 5 thousand words. It was like 11 pages long and i felt a bit proud until i saw the word count. It's crazy because i'm kind of in a lull. Uhhhhh.... I'm gonna post a bit of it to fill this up.  

I write stories for my friends so I can make them happy. )
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2012-07-03 09:40 pm

Gym Class Hereos' the fighter!

I love their message and I know GCH deserve to be higher in the itunes sales. They are number 11. Let's make them break the top ten!  
Here's the video! It's cool to see an NYC native on their way to the olympics! :D 
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2012-06-23 03:19 am

Oh Photofiltre, I missed you.

I love making stuff on photofiltre. I always think it looks like a legit graphic/banner before I go on the internet and see, y'know, legit graphics. :) This post is basically a follow up to THIS POST. and I'm basically filling up your flist.

Second rate banners under here. )
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2012-06-19 06:05 pm

MWDaily graphic challenge..

 like it. Do you? 
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2012-06-18 02:55 am

A better love deserving of...

I haven't written a peterick in a while so I decided to start one. I'm not finished yet but so far it's a Patrick/Gerard high school party fic which goes off into Patrick/Pete. It's gonna be based off of Panic! At The Disco's "Lying is the most fun..." because, well, you can easily write a fic off of that song. I've only written a few paragraphs and hopefully I'll finish this soon. :)

Sweetie, You Had Me. )

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2012-06-18 02:05 am

Why does LJ seem dead?

People need to get back on and feed my need for wonderful bandom fanfics bring beautiful life to my flist. I, too, am guilty of not updating my journal so I'm going to change that today! 

Did you know that two days ago, I heard Heaven Help Us by My Chemical Romance in its entirety? I kind of kicked myself after I finished it because it's a beautiful song. like REALLY pretty. Gerard's voice sounds angelic to me which isn't how I would categorize his voice any other time. ANYWAYS... once I find a song I like, I play it over and over again until some other song comes along. So this post only serves for lyrics that I love in this song. (You're probably just shaking your head because you know the lyrics like you know the back of your hand but humor me. :)
  • I'm at this old hotel but I can't tell if I've been screaming or sleeping or screaming or waiting for the man to call
  • I've been sprawled on these cathedral steps while spitting out the blood and screaming "Someone save us!"
  • And will you pray for me? 
  • Cover me in gasoline.
  • Wipe away those tears of blood away.
  • How the misery begins.
Those aren't a lot but these stood out to me and when lyrics stand out to me, it usually means that some way, some how, I'm going to use them in a story. Naturally, the story the lyrics paint out in my head is a 1920's Mobster!Frikey fic. Or something along the lines of hired killers. I mean, think about it. I would write out the plot but it's nearing 2am, I'm watching Archer on Netflix, and my mind is wandering. Expect the plot in a few hours. :D 
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2012-06-01 12:30 am

Ficwad prompt #2

Title:  Untitled 
Pairing: Gerard Way / OFC
Rating: PG-13
Warning: For some reason, not beta'd. I'm really sorry. Supernatural Activities. 
Word count: 3,634
Prompt: I asked people on ficwad if they wanted their own stories and this is the first prompt I finished! 
Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance and if I did I wouldn't be writing Fanfiction about them. 
Summary: [Emily] and Gerard have been friends for about 2 months and she really liked him. Mikey goes to a apparant haunted house and didn't come home. She and Gerard go to find him in the house and they get attacked by spirits and ghosts and Gerard confesses his love for her. It's up to you if they get out :)

"Mikey goes to a apparant haunted house and didn't come home" )

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2012-04-23 01:10 am

30 Day fan fiction meme

Doing another challenge because my LJ is lacking on updates. I've been meaning to do this one for a while but I haven't had the time. I dropped studying for a test to do this. Yay for Senior year! 
30 days done in one.  )

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2012-04-11 03:41 pm
Entry tags:

Amanda's 18th Birthday present.

I'm just gonna make a tag for Amanda because every other Frank fic I write, it's for her. So here is Amanda's rushed birthday present. 

Title:  Untitled 
Pairing: Amanda/Frank Iero 
Rating: PG
Warning: For some reason, not beta'd. I'm really sorry. 
Word count: 1,489
Prompt: Halloween
Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance and if I did I wouldn't be writing Fanfiction about them. 
Summary: Halloween is Amanda's favorite holiday and she finally found someone that understands her love. 

Amanda's Cheap Birthday Present )

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2012-04-06 09:33 pm

I don't think I should ever be a mother.

  • My kid will be hearing Fall Out Boy when it’s in the womb.
  • I’ll be reading Fan-fiction for their bedtime story.
  • Concerts would be like family outings.
  • They aren’t going to memorize vocab words, they’re gonna memorize Pete’s lyrics.
  • After homework, they have to write one chapter of any fandom fic they want.
  • Math homework? Hell no. 
  • No cartoons unless it’s good ‘ol classic 90’s shows
  • I’m seriously considering naming my boy “Alexander” because I’m in a spanish family and if I ever need to call his name, I’ll play Lady Gaga’s ‘Alejandro’.
  • For a girl, It might be ‘Stacy’ just for Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom.” 

Oh god, they’re gonna hate me when they grow up. (Yay! Frank Iero is a daddy to a baby boy today! :D)

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2012-03-27 12:06 am

Because you can never get tired of seeing this.

Have I ever told you guys how I really love Three Cheers and kind of hated the fact The Black Parade Is Dead! was a short [The Black Parade setlist] concert? No? Well, all of that is true which is why I'm posting the VENGANZA concert up here for my viewing pleasure. And yours. 

VENGANZA track list )

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2012-03-25 07:50 pm

Ficwad Prompt #1.

Title:  Untitled 
Pairing: Bob Bryar/OFC
Rating: PG
Warning: For some reason, not beta'd. I'm really sorry. 
Word count: 2,143
Prompt: I asked people on ficwad if they wanted their own stories and this is the first prompt I finished! 
Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance and if I did I wouldn't be writing Fanfiction about them. 
Summary: Gia is working as a merch girl on Warped tour. She never knew that on her way to the main stage she'll get hit on the head and find Bob Bryar.

"Sort of one those 'shit!' moments that end up in the two liking each other." )

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2012-02-20 02:53 am

Untitled Tumblr Prompt.

Title:  Untitled 
Pairing: Frank Iero/OFC
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of physical abuse. 
Warning: For some reason, not beta'd. I'm really sorry. 
Word count: 1,802
Prompt: I asked for someone on tumblr to give me a prompt and this is what vixensworldd gave me. "Write a mychem story about frank iero faling in love with an abused girl in highschool."
Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance and if I did I wouldn't be writing Fanfiction about them. 
Summary: Frank just has to tell Jenny about his feelings for her but once he gets a glimpse of something she's  desperately trying to hide, he wants her to know that he's here to help. 

Thanks tumblr! *thumbs up* )

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2012-01-22 10:34 pm

It's a post about feelings... yay.

I don't know what I'm doing. I should be writing essays for scholarships or getting my shit together for school but no. I'm just sitting on my parents bed on the internet feeling bad about myself. Whoop-de-doo. What else is new?

So it seems I have enough creativity to make up a post that nobody really gives to fucks about but not enough creativity to tell an internship how technology influences my life, how I'm a role model in my community or to finish this fucking chapter of a fic I'm writing. It's sad, isn't it?

i know the pity party gets old but I just wanted to spill my thoughts because my chest was heavy and I haven't posted anything to livejournal in a while. :/ 
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2011-12-30 04:52 am

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Well, I'm just adding a few more. 

Crappy Frikey Fluff under the cut )

This is what I do at 3-4 in the morning. 
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2011-12-30 01:45 am

All these ideas! :D

This is a semi-good idea, isn't it!

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2011-12-29 03:10 am
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2011-12-24 02:15 am

Es que yo no sirvo....

Posting a snippet of this fic that I really wanted to do something with but when I started writing the idea went to hell. It was for the [ profile] mcr_bingo prompt 'Artist: Patrick Stump' and I wanted to do a Gerard/Patrick where Gee is listening to Patrick's new album and is reliving their summer together, (Summer of Like) and may or may not jerk off to Patrick's amazing voice. That's what I wanted to do but I didn't see myself following that path. Posting it here because my LJ seems empty. 

By the by, the journal title is in spanish. YAY for hispanic heritage! )

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2011-12-18 04:37 pm