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Title:  It's Death Or Victory
Pairing: None. Fun Ghoul's POV
Rating: PG-13 for language
Warning: For some reason, not beta'd. I'm really sorry. 
Word count: 1,663
mcr_bingo prompt: Video: Na Na Na
Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance & The whole Killjoys idea was theirs. I got the whole shooting from the car idea from here at 0:53 through 1:04 and 1:33 through 1:40. I really love those scenes. :) 
Summary: A killjoy chase.

Dusted On Route Guano )
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So, this post is just a list for my friends who I told agreed to write me a story for Christmas. I've written a handful of stories for them through out the years and I only have like three from them. I thought we should switch it up this time around. I'm already making them a copy of the friends mixtape as my Christmas gift. 

Christmas Assignments: All due before xmas break. 

Amanda's Prompt )

[De]Laney's Prompt (TROLOLOL) )

Taylor's Prompt )

You guys are going to great with this! :D I can't wait! Love you! 
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I'm going to try my very best to explain this concert in detail, from when I got out of school to when I got out of the venue. One of the best nights and concerts I've ever experienced. And I shall tell you why in a few paragraphs in rushed fan girl language. Bear with me. :) (Videos aren’t mine but if you look for me, you can find me! Photos will link back to my facebook.)

My time outside )

Inside the venue... )

Patrick's AMAZING set. <3 )
All in all, November 16th was an amazing day that I will remember. 
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I haven't been posting much so here's something to tide you over until i get creative.
  • 1. had sex
  • 2. bought condoms
  • 3. gotten pregnant
  • 4. failed a class
  • 5. kissed a boy
  • 6. kissed a girl
  • 7. used a little paper bag for lunch
  • 8. had a job
  • 9. slipped on ice
  • 10. missed the school bus
  • 11. left the house without my wallet/purse
  • 12. bullied someone on the internet
  • 13. sexted
  • 14. had sex in public
  • 15. played on a sports team
  • 16. smoked weed
  • 17. smoked cigarettes
  • 18. smoked a cigar
  • 19. drank alcohol
  • 20. watched “The Breakfast Club”
  • 21. been overweight
  • 22. been underweight
  • 23. had an eating disorder
  • 24. been to a wedding
  • 25. made fun of someone for being fat
  • 26. been on the computer for 5 hours straight
  • 27. watched tv for 5 hours straight
  • 28. been late for work
  • 29. been late for school
  • 30. kissed someone in the rain
  • 31. showered with someone else
  • 32. failed my drivers test
  • 33. ran a mile in less than 10 minutes
  • 34. been outside my home country
  • 35. been on a road trip longer than 5 hours
  • 36. gotten my heart broken
  • 37. had a credit card
  • 38. been to a professional sports game
  • 49. broken a bone
  • 40. been unhappy about my weight
  • 41. won a trophy
  • 42. cut myself
  • 43. had an STD
  • 44. got engaged
  • 45. been on a diet
  • 46. tried out to be on a tv show
  • 47. rode in a taxi
  • 48. been to prom
  • 49. played in a drinking game
  • 50. stayed up for 24 hours or more
  • 51. been to a concert
  • 52. had a three-some
  • 53. had a crush on someone of the same sex
  • 54. been in a car accident
  • 55. had braces
  • 56. learned another language 
  • 57. killed a bug
  • 58. been at a yard sale
  • 59. been to a japanese steakhouse
  • 60. wore make up
  • 61. talked to someone via webcam
  • 62. lost my virginity before I was 16
  • 63. had my wisdom teeth taken out
  • 64. kissed someone a different race than myself
  • 65. snuck out of the house
  • 66. bought porn
  • 67. had a virus on my computer
  • 68. had oral sex
  • 69. dyed my hair
  • 70. gone skinny dipping
  • 71. graduated from college
  • 72. wore someone else’s clothes
  • 73. voted in a election
  • 74. rode in an ambulance
  • 75. rode in a helicopter
  • 76. caught the stove on fire
  • 77. got in a verbal fight
  • 78. been on vacation
  • 79. been on an airplane
  • 80. been on a boat
  • 81. had surgery.
  • 82. kissed someone before I was 14.
  • 83. beat a video game
  • 84. found something valuable on the ground
  • 85. made a survey
  • 86. stalked someone on facebook/myspace
  • 87. prank called someone
  • 88. been to a library outside of school
  • 89. spent over $100 shopping in one day
  • 90. cut my hair and hated it
  • 91. peed outside
  • 92. went fishing
  • 93. helped with charity
  • 94. taken a pregnancy test.
  • 95. been rejected by a crush
  • 96. been suspended from school
  • 97. broken a mirror
  • 98. faked sick from school
  • 99. owned a pet
  • 100. been to six flags
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and i’m already on the verge of death, I want to see who the killer is. I don’t want my last words to be “don’t kill me” while the killer is hovering above me. I want them to be my case to see the killer’s face. I reserve the right to know who is killing me and maybe know the reason why. I can settle for taking the mask off of his or hers face like Drew Barrymore in Scream.

Hey, who says the last victim (who ultimately are saved) gets to know the person who is tormenting them. I need a face and a reason, damn it! There’s a reason why the killer is killing people and they should tell the victims before their last gasp of air.

I’m just saying. (2am thoughts)

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Oh god. My Chemical Romance, you always surprise me.

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25 day MCR meme underneath the cut. I may or may not have take this from [ profile] rubytuesday5681.  Ok, yeah. I took it from her. 

I got the answer! I got the answer-er! )

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I'm not a writer. I finally figured it out. I'm not good enough. I know this but I know I won't stop. I'll beat myself to the ground with my doubt and low self esteem but I won't stop. At least not forever.

Question is: I know that i'm not good at writing, then what am I going to do in college? *sigh*
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So just a quick update before I gush about Pete Wentz..... I'm failing a few of my classes, Might see Patrick Stump on Nov. 16, dropping out of the NaNoWriMo and Life is stupid. Now in this blog I'll shall give you another reason why I love Pete's writing. ♥

i’m up to the hips with dreams. )
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I really have to manage my time and just create a slot for 'LJ personal posting'. Too bad my life isn't as nearly interesting as I want it to be. If it was, I would be posting left and right about things you don't really care about. I do that now but I stagger out my entries. :)

So, what to announce?
  • I signed up for the NaNoWriMo. *holds for appluase that will never come* I'm pretty nervous about it. I've never written a story that has reached 20,000 words so trying to get to 50,000 words in a month might be a struggle not to mention school, college applications, and homework getting in the way. Wait... tell me why I signed up in the first place? *sigh* I guess I'm doing this so I could prove to myself that I can be a writer. That I somewhat have what it takes to be a writer. That, maybe, under this time crunch I can finally get the hang of time managing and responsibility. Who the fuck am I kidding? I signed up just to see if I could do it and maybe show up my friend who is obviously better then me in writing.

  • Patrick Stump's album, Soul Punk, came out yesterday and since I pre-ordered, my CD arrived the Thursday before. :3 I can not review the album because I won't do it justice. Just know that this album is basically perfection. I've been hearing it non-stop. ♥

  • I bought a pink wig! Not at all news worthy but It fills up the entry. I bought it just to have it and wear it in the house and out on the street. I wore it on Monday and got one compliment from this random guy. ("You rocking that pink hair.") A lot of stares. It's like people haven't seen people with dyed hair before. :)
I think that's it for today... You see! Non-interesting life leads to non-interesting posts. Hopefully I'll get my NaNaNa fic for [ profile] mcr_bingo done this month (highly doubt it) and tweak the 50's story for the NaNoWriMo. :)

See you soon!

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Title:  Untitled For Now.
Pairing: Ray/Gerard
Rating: PG-13/R for cursing.
Warning: For some reason, not beta'd. I'm really sorry.
Word count: 854
[info]mcr_bingo prompt: Pairing: Gerard/Ray
Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance & to my knowledge, Ray Toro & Gerard Way never dated. (but then again, you can ask them...)
Summary: Ray looks out his friends and does what's best.

Ray/Gerard fluff under here. )

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Title: Like A Secret In Your Throat
Author[ profile] ruthiestump
Pairing: Frank/Mikey
Warning: Boy Sex and for some reason, not beta'd. I'm really sorry.
Word count: 1,510
[ profile] mcr_bingoprompt: AU: Vampire
Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance & to my knowledge, Frank Iero was never a vampire. (Title from My Chemical Romance's Vampires Will Never Hurt You.)
Summary: Frank is hungry and he can't keep his eyes off of the tall, skinny, cute guy. He's found his target.

He just wanted to taste him. )

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Due to these pictures:
Way bros are just working it. )

I now want to see a fic where Gerard and Mikey are professional models. I just want it to exist. Someone... please. Make me happy.


Sep. 26th, 2011 06:11 pm
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I'm WAY too attached to fanfiction. School is getting in the way of reading and writing and I don't like it. I use up any opportunity to write during classes but I can't write about Mikey being a cheerleader AND take notes on what limits a fucking government, which by the fucking way is basically 4th grade stuff. I'm just glad that there is no class on Thursday or Friday and I could possibly use that time to finish all of the freaking [ profile] mcr_bingo drafts in my email/iPod.

I haven't posted any fics in a while so I thought I would post up the first paragraph of one of the [ profile] mcr_bingo prompts. This one is for AU: Vampire and I was pretty proud of it... until my creativity flew away. -___- Oh imagination, why must you hurt me so?

Bampire! Bampire!  )

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Or is that just me?

Today is my 17th birthday (YAY!) and when I arrived home after getting 4 boxes of pizza, I found that my best friend had bought a small brown bunny. For me. HE BOUGHT ME A LEGIT BUNNY FOR MY BIRTHDAY.

I was shocked. Like fucking shocked. I never thought that I would get another pet because I live in an apartment in New York City and I already have a dog. It was just a mindfuck and I have no idea what to name her.

She\s cute and if you guys have ideas, feel free to comment. :)

Run, run, bunny, run! )
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It's not because of the difficulty of the work, it's because of the fact I don't have any time to write. Damn all of the AP work I have to do and all the colleges I have to apply to. >=|

It really hurts to not be able to work on the re-write of this story I'm working on or the drafts that I have for [ profile] mcr_bingo. I want to just drop all of the forms, essays, worksheets and questions that are filling up my time and just finish and edit the stories.

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I wish you the best. I really do. You bring smiles to my face and you can lift my mood and I hope today people are doing the same for you. You deserve it.

I look up to you. It doesn't matter that you're my 'favorite' member or that I find you very attractive. (I do. Trust me. I REALLY DO.) It's your personality that I look up to. Your struggles, your ambition, your choices in life. You fought through your depression and even if it doesn't matter, I'm proud of you. You make everyone in your band feel loved. To me you're the go-to guy! The one every one goes to. The kind of person I aspire to be. ♥

Never change that. Never change your personality. Play with all the hair dye you want! Just never change the good person I know you are. I know I kind of wasted my time on writing a post to someone who will NEVER see it but damn it. This 31 year old celebrity man means so much to me. ♥

I don't think you guys understand how much I want a guy like Mikey in my life.
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Day one and I already feel my chest cramping up from what is possibly anxiety. I mean, what would you feel when people are telling the whole senior class that college is right around the corner and we're not even ready for it. Pretty fucking scary.

I've noticed that I have to step up my game and actually try to do my homework this year. It hurts me to say that. It really does. If I do homework this year that means I have to lay off on writing/readng fan fiction. :( I've become really close to fanfiction. It's a second skin really. I'm going to miss it. (assuming that I actually buckle down and do what I set out to do.)

So here's to senior year and not having a mental/physical breakdown. :|
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It should be sickening but I don't think I really care. Frikey is awesome. So imagine my excitement when I clicked the Frank/Mikey tag in AO3 and found about 66 fics dealing with that wonderful pairing. I died and went to Fanfiction heaven.  :)

On other not important news: I started out lining the bandom real world fic. I have no idea why since I know I'm not going to write it soon but I'm getting myself excited. Once I finish the re-write I'm working on, I'll start working on the RW one and shape it to a passable fan fic.

Four days from now I'll be a High School Senior. Oh where does the time go? I have to start applying to colleges soon. Kind of scary but I'm ready for it! My birthday is coming up. Not really a big deal since it's the 17th year I'm alive so all I'm looking forward to is hanging out with my friends.

See, now I'm just rambiling about stupid stuff. To recap: Frikey is amazing, Bandom Real World is outlined for no reason, School is starting and my birthday is this month. YAY. I'll get out of your Flist now. 
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I really have to stop watching television. Dangerous ideas that have been used over and over pass through my mind.

While watching Fuse's Sexist Drake videos due boredom, the Bedrock video came on. The video is basically a "The Real World"  parody but for Young Money which got me to thinking about something everyone else most likely thought of!


I mean, If I had the time and talent , I would write it. Or at the very least, search for it.

Just the thought of it though. Fall Out Boy and My Chem in a house. A whole bunch of hookups, drunken nights, boundries crossed and A LOT OF FUCKING DRAMA. I'm loving it already. ^_^ 


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