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I'm just gonna make a tag for Amanda because every other Frank fic I write, it's for her. So here is Amanda's rushed birthday present. 

Title:  Untitled 
Pairing: Amanda/Frank Iero 
Rating: PG
Warning: For some reason, not beta'd. I'm really sorry. 
Word count: 1,489
Prompt: Halloween
Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance and if I did I wouldn't be writing Fanfiction about them. 
Summary: Halloween is Amanda's favorite holiday and she finally found someone that understands her love. 

“Mami! Hurry up. I don’ wan to be late.” Amanda urged from her spot near the open bedroom door. The small girl fidgeted as her mother took her time applying her make up.

“Calm down Amanda. Let me finish this and then we’ll go.”

Amanda frowned at her mother’s request but walked to the living room instead. Her white dress flowed around her calves as she stalked to her couch. Her plastic pumpkin basket hit her thigh as she jumped up onto the cushioned seat. The sparkly halo jiggled a bit above Amanda’s head as she bounced. Amanda eyed her Angel costume as she waited for her mother to finish up. She didn’t want to an Angel for Halloween again but Amanda didn’t have another costume for her best friend’s birthday party.

Frank was turning nine and was having an awesome costume party that Amanda didn’t want to miss. Frank and Amanda were supposed to go trick or treating first then go straight to his party but she couldn’t do that if her mother kept doing her makeup. Amanda sulked as she waited, looking at the clock every five seconds. Two minutes had passed before she called out again. “Maaaaamiiiii!”

“Alright, alright. We’re going.”

Amanda smiled, feeling accomplished. She jumped up from her seat, half excited to see Frank again and half excited to go out and trick or treat. Halloween was her favorite holiday. She loved seeing all the other kids’ costumes and how creative kids can get with their favorite horror movies and stories. Everyone else just thought of it as a holiday for candy and that made Amanda mad. No one in her fourth grade class really understood her love for Halloween except for Frank.

“Halloween is totally awesome and not because it’s my birthday. The weather is right and you get to be someone you’ve always wanted to be for one day.” Frank had said when the teacher told him to explain his favorite holiday. Amanda knew she had to have him as a friend right then.

Amanda led her mom out of the house and down the two blocks it took to get to Frank’s house. She led her mom up the wood porch and knocked on the blue door rapidly. She really wanted to see Frank’s costume.

“Amanda.” Her mom scolded and Amanda stopped immediately.

“Sorry.” She said and moved back to stand beside her mother. The door opened and Frank’s mother came to view. “Hi Manuela, how’s it going?”   Linda asked, leaning on the door when she saw who the guests were.

“Fine, fine.”

Amanda tuned out the women and peered over Linda to look for Frank. Amanda heard her mom laugh and ask the question she didn’t voice.

“So where’s Frankie?”

Right when the words left Manuela’s lips, a small figure jumped out from behind Linda, a rubber mask of Frankenstein on its face, yelling.  Amanda screamed and grabbed for her mother’s hand. She buried her face in her mom’s leg, scared out of her mind. She heard her mother and Linda laughing but she didn’t want to look up until it was safe.


Amanda felt a tap on her shoulder as her name came out muffled. Amanda tentatively looked up from her sacred place, looking through some strands of her brown hair that fell in her live of vision. Frank stood in front of her, a frown on his face and his light hazel eyes wide with worry. The sunshine made them seem shiny and wet and that’s what made Amanda stand up straight. She didn’t want to Frank to start crying on his birthday. She saw the Frankenstein mask resting on the top of his head and she suddenly felt foolish. Frank was the one with the mask; she didn’t need to be scared. 

 “I’m sorry if I scared you.” Frank said, pulling the mask off of his face. “I wanted to scare the other kids. Not you.”

Amanda shook her head quickly. “No. You just jumped out and I wasn’t expecting you. I’m sorry that I screamed.”

“No it’s okay.” Frankie smiled, his grin almost taking up half his face. He pulled down his mask and picked up his Halloween bag from the floor. “Bye mom, I’ll see you later.”

Frank waved at his mom before he took Amanda’s free hand and held it. He tugged on her hand so she could follow him down the porch stairs. Amanda followed, telling Frank to slow down. She could hear Linda and her mother call after them but Frank’s laughter almost drowned them out. They ran up to the next door neighbor’s house, Frank’s hand still holding Amanda’s.

“Trick or treat!” They yelled when they reached the neighbor’s front door. Amanda held out her pumpkin basket with her right hand since her left hand was still being held.

“Oh you guys look so cute tonight.” The woman said as she dropped a piece of candy into Amanda’s plastic basket. “Frankenstein and an Angel.” She dropped a piece of candy into Frank’s half opened bag as she cooed at the nine year olds. “And how cute, you guys are holding hands!”

Amanda blushed as she thanked the women but never once made an effort to move her hand away.  Amanda looked over at Frank and smiled when she found him blushing. He looked up at her, his smile still intact before lacing his fingers with hers.

Amanda looked at Frank’s knuckles as they were still intertwined with hers. “It looks amazing Frank.” She said with awe.

She stared at the vibrant colors etched onto his knuckles, the black, yellow, and orange lettering earning a high place in her heart. She stared at their fingers, remembering the contrasting colors of his fresh tattoo, her dark skin, and his pale skin. She saved it in her memory bank before bringing the intertwined hands into her lips. Amanda kissed Frank’s fingers before smiling up at her boyfriend.

“I knew you would.” Frank smiled.  He leaned over and kissed Amanda on the lips, his lip ring cold against her skin. Her free hand caught Frank’s neck, her fingers playing with his soft black hair, pressing closer against him. They pulled away breathless before Frank started to laugh. Amanda let him laugh as she panted for breath but once she had air in her lungs she questioned him.

“Why are you laughing?” She moved in her seat, the car leather sticking to the back of her bare legs.

“It’s just funny. My 9th birthday started out with a new Frankenstein lamp that I wanted for ages. It was the first time I held your hand.” Frank smiled, his eyes crinkling at he sides. “Now, on my 17th birthday, I get the tattoo I’ve always wanted and I’m still holding hands with you.”

Frank gave Amanda’s hand a tight squeeze before slipping his hand out of hers. He made his hands into fists showing his knuckles to Amanda once again. The bright letters spelling out ‘Halloween’ made Amanda smile.

“It looks fucking awesome, doesn’t it!?” Frank said ecstatically, his Frankenstein mask falling to the floor of the car.

Amanda laughed at Frank’s joy and patted his shoulder to calm him down. “Alright Frank, it does look awesome. We do have to go in for your birthday party.” She told, glancing up at Frank’s house. Her halo bobbed around above her head as she moved to get out of the car. Frank placed a hand on her leg, keeping her in the car seat.

“Thank you.” Frank said, his hazel eyes shining in the steaming moonlight. He used one of his newly tattooed fingers to raise Amanda’s chin up and kissed her gently. She smiled against his lips, returning the kiss.

“You’re my special Angel.” Frank muttered when he pulled away, a mocking grin on his lips. Amanda rolled her eyes at him. She looked down at her white dress that came right above her knee.

“Fuck off.” She laughed.

Frank let out a loud gasp. “Angels aren’t supposed to curse!”

Amanda rolled her eyes again. She tucked a strand of loose hair behind her ear before opening her car door. She looked over her shoulder, staring right into Frank’s eyes as she said the next few words.

“The Frankenstein monster was the worst horror movie character ever; even worse than Blackula. I hate the Frankenstein monster more than the exorcist girl.”

Amanda smiled at Frank’s open jaw. All color had drained from his face and Amanda mentally patted herself on the back.

“That was uncalled for.” Frank said, his voice hurt.

Amanda laughed and kissed Frank on the lips. “Come on birthday boy, you know I was kidding. It wouldn’t be Halloween without Frankenstein.” She had lifted his mask off of the floor and handed it back to him. Amanda kissed him once more before deciding that this Halloween definitely tops the one in 4th grade. 

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