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Posting a snippet of this fic that I really wanted to do something with but when I started writing the idea went to hell. It was for the [ profile] mcr_bingo prompt 'Artist: Patrick Stump' and I wanted to do a Gerard/Patrick where Gee is listening to Patrick's new album and is reliving their summer together, (Summer of Like) and may or may not jerk off to Patrick's amazing voice. That's what I wanted to do but I didn't see myself following that path. Posting it here because my LJ seems empty. 

Gerard traces the dull edges of the CD slip case as he stares at the cover art thoughtfully.  He isn’t sure whether or not this is such a good idea. He knows Mikey wouldn’t approve but Mikey doesn’t approve of anything that reminds him of that summer during Warped Tour. The pad of his thumb swiped over the smooth cover, his finger running over the artist’s confident face; an expression Gerard’s not used to seeing on him. It looked good on him, Gerard admits, along with his new slim figure. Gerard smiled down at the CD case, a sense of pride filling him up as he held his friend’s latest accomplishment. Knowing that Patrick Stump finally got the chance to actually make the music he loves warmed Gerard’s heart.

It reminded him of all the late sticky summer nights where Gerard and Patrick spent talking about anything that came to mind; comic books, singing techniques, action figures, and the future. He enjoyed talking to Patrick. Other than his band, Gerard felt that Patrick was the only other person on Warped that understood him. Gerard stopped reminiscing long enough to squeeze the edges of the CD case and tilt it to release the CD it held. He placed the disc into his radio, quickly tracing the raised letters of Patrick’s name before closing the case and pressed play.

Gerard sat down on his bed, waiting for the disc to sound as he took a deep breath and stilled his fidgeting fingers. It’s just Patrick, Gerard thought as he exhaled. There’s no need to be nervous. He won’t have the same effect on you if you let him.  Gerard’s ears perked up then, the loud sound effects of glass breaking and instruments from the CD caught his attention once again. Gerard wasn’t sure what kind of track this was but he was intrigued. Patrick’s voice followed a few seconds later, catching Gerard a bit off guard. His voice sounded different, richer, and deeper than he did in the last Fall Out Boy album but Gerard remembered then that this isn’t Fall Out Boy, this was Patrick bearing his all. 


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