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So, this post is just a list for my friends who I told agreed to write me a story for Christmas. I've written a handful of stories for them through out the years and I only have like three from them. I thought we should switch it up this time around. I'm already making them a copy of the friends mixtape as my Christmas gift. 

Christmas Assignments: All due before xmas break. 

Amanda: You have Patrick. I think I want it to be a high school AU, meaning Teenage!Patrick with, well, me. It's a christmas story so maybe he gets me a gift during school or school break. I don't know you can  choose. I don't really need a gift in the story. Your prompt is a Christmas High School AU.

Laney: You have Mikey. This one can be a Christmas party. We could meet in the party or known each other before but I want a mistletoe ending. :D Call me a romantic but I like making out with potential strangers. lmao but the prompt for you is Christmas Party/Mistletoe

Taylor: You have Brendon. For some reason, you wanted to write Smut and I'm not gonna stop you. lmao. Ummm.... UMMMMM. Let's change it up. Since its gonna be smut it can be a New Years Eve party. :D Just pretend that I go to a normal high school and that I'm cool enough to go to parties but it's 17 year old me who has a crush on 17 year old Brendon who see each other at a party. Then and maybe then, you can start the Smut. Your prompt is New Year's Eve party. 

You guys are going to great with this! :D I can't wait! Love you! 
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