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I finally got this thing neat and clean. Here are all of the one shots on my livejournal for your reading and judgment. It goes from oldest to most recent.  You also have my prompt table at the end, so don't hesitate to pick something from the prompt table and tell me to write.

Different Lesson Plan
OFC/Ray Toro | R | 1,224 words
Goody two shoes Juile is finally going to come out her shell.

Behind the Scenes
Frikey | NC-17 | 866 words (Boy sex)
What's the best way to celebrate your 6th month anniversary? Sex at a horror movie.

Sugar We're Going Down
OFC/Patrick Stump | PG-13 | 538 words
"Isn’t it messed up how I’m just dying to be him?”

Stump Of Love
OFC/Patrick Stump | PG-13 | 1,029 words
What If Patrick Stump had a reality show?

Road Trip [Frikey]
Frikey | PG | 874 words
“What kind of a boyfriend does that?”

Over time
OFC/Frank Iero | PG | 893 words

Working with Frank isn't bad at all.

Black & Gray stripes never looked so good
Peterick | PG-13 | 1,212 words

Pete's the new kid and Patrick might like his sweater.

The Mess You Made
Frikey & Waycest | R | 2,578 words (AU, Character Death)

Gerard wants Mikey to himself and the only way to do that is to, well, eliminate Frank.

Send My Regards to The Bride and The Groom
OFC/Gabe Saporta | PG-13 | 3,618 words (Drugs)
Patsy shares the story of meeting her groom to be before her wedding.

Amanda's birthday one shot   
OFC/Frank Iero | PG | 1,296 words
It's Amanda's birthday and Frank wants to celebrate!

Amanda's birthday one shot [part 2]
OFC/Frank Iero | NC-17 | 1,178 words
Amanda and Frank's birthday celebration gets hot and heavy.

Inky Desires
Patrick/Various | R | 695 words
Patrick doesn't really like tattoos unless it's on either Pete, Joe, or Andy's skin.

Believers Never Die. They Graduate.
None | PG | 962 words
Emily reminisces about her 4 years in BND University!

From Under The Cork Tree One Shots
Various | All PG | 500-800

Detox Just To Retox
None | PG | 599 words
White. That’s all he sees, day in and day out, white.'

Bright Eyes
Brencer | PG | 840 words
Who knew staring would get someone so far?

Detox just to Retox; Chapter 2
None | PG | 855 words
How is Pete holding up?

Tough Like A Bulletshell 
None (so far) | R | 2,909 words
What would happen if the killjoys added one more person?

OFC/Spencer Smith | NC-17 | 2,196 words

A PWP written just for fun

Heaven to Hell
OFC/Mikey Way | R | 3,672 words (AU, Rape)
One thing leads to another and Katie has no way to stop it.

OFC/Mikey Way | NC-17 | 3,041 words
Working the night shift at a Starbucks does pay off.

Better Then They Probably Felt It.
Frerard | PG-13/R | 392 words
The boy decide to read some fan fiction during their free time.

Someone Out There Loves You
Frerard | R | 1,818 words (AU, Suicide attempt) Written for mcr_bingo
Gerard isn't the most stable person so when Mikey tells Gerard his thoughts, Gerard is ready to take his life

Well, It Rains and It Pours
OFC/Frank | PG-13/R | 3,032 words
Amanda searches for Frank in the rain but the words he says stings just as bad as the storm.

Monsters Can't Touch My Brother
Gerard & Mikey | G | 647 words Written for mcr_bingo
Big brother Gerard has to fight off Mikey's monsters.

Decaying Nightmare
None |PG-13 | 2,318 words (Written for[ profile] mcr_bingo )
Ray is familiar with zombie movies but he never thought his life would be like one. 

Like A Secret In Your Throat
Frikey | NC-17 | 1,510 Words (Written for [ profile] mcr_bingo)
Frank is hungry and he can't keep his eyes off of the tall, skinny, cute guy. He's found his target.

Ray/Gerard | PG-13/R | 850 words (Written for [ profile] mcr_bingo)
Ray looks out his friends and does what's best.

It's Death Or Victory
None | PG- 13 | 1,663 words (Written for [ profile] mcr_bingo)
A Killjoy Chase Scene

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